January 27, 2019

We're Ready For The New Year

We at AEI Fabrication are excited to welcome the New Year 2019.  We have many new additions, new equipment and an even greater dedication from our brilliant AEI Fab Team members in our Laser, Welding, Machining and other departments -- all designed to provide you with even greater service.

AEI Fabrications AMADA ENSIS Fiber Laser Cutting System

LASER OPERATIONS:  Gary Radestock heads up our Laser Operations and is in charge of laser cutting and CNC interface for our Amada laser equipment.  With decades of experience, we can handle all of your laser cutting needs with our precision Amada systems:

  • 6,000 WATT AMADA LC-3015F1 NT Co2 Precision Laser Cutting System
  • 3,000 WATT AMADA ENSIS 3015 Fiber Laser Cutting System


AEI Fabrications 250-Ton Amada Press Brake

PUNCHING, STAMPING, BENDING & FORMING:  Kris Robb is our AEI Fab Shop Supervisor and oversees the processes and work flow on the shop floor that includes Laser Operations and our Punching & Stamping and Bending & Forming equipment.

Bending & Forming:

  • AMADA 250-TON 14’ HG 2204 Press Brake
  • AMADA FBD 1025 NT Press Brake
  • TWO (2) AMADA RG 8024 Press Brakes

Punching & Stamping:

  • AMADA EM 2510 NT 45 Station 4 Auto Index
  • AMADA PEGA-255 31 Station 3 Auto Index


AEI Fabrication has a large MIG & TIG Welding Department

WELDING:  Travis Wirth is our Weld Shop Supervisor and oversees all MIG, TIG and Spot welding operations.  Our Welding Department has grown over the past year with increased capabilities for all types of projects including casings, retail kiosks, massive on-site energy cube casings and generator noise-reduction casings.  Our Welding Department makes use of the following equipment for all operations:

  • AMADA ID40 IV 257 KVA Spot Welding Station
  • MILLER Millermatic 250X MIG Welder
  • MILLER Dynasty 210 TIG Welder
  • MILLER Millermatic 140 MIG Welder
  • LINCOLN 140 EasyMIG MIG Welder
  • LINCOLN Square Wave 255 TIG Welder
  • LINCOLN Square Wave 275 TIG Welder
  • THREE (3) LINCOLN 140c Power MIG Welders
  • TRUE WELD TW-I 250 Stud Welder
  • TRUE WELD TWE-375 Stud Welder


AEI Fabrication's Machining Department Hosts Mazak and Haas Automation Equipment

MACHINING & TURNING:  Jeremy Hinckley heads up our Machining Operations and brings decades of experience to the complex CNC driven machining and turning processes for us.  At AEI Fab, we have executed a plethora of machining and turning projects to perfection in all sectors and with varying tolerances.  Our Machining & Turning Center includes:

  • MAZAK J-200S 5-Axis CNC Multi-Tasking Center
  • HAAS VF-3SSYT Vertical CNC Machining Center
  • HAAS ST-35Y CNC Turning Center


AEI Fabrication's Design & Engineering Department Handles All CAD-CAM Needs

DESIGN & ENGINEERING:  Many projects start with perfected CAD and Engineering work.  Gabe Cruz and our staff in our Design & Engineering Department can take your project or drawings and perfect them for ultimate efficiencies and cost-saving for our CNC processes.  We've tackled thousands of projects with varying degrees of difficulty and use our 'CAN-DO' spirit to ensure your project can be completed to perfection.


Yes, we are looking forward to what 2019 will bring and, more importantly, are excited about the new challenges that new projects will bring.  We are always learning and always educating here at AEI Fab, all to ensure that customer satisfaction is Job #1.  That's why we always ask, "What Can We Fab or Machine For You?"


Keep On Making Sparks,


The AEI Fab Team

December 31, 2018

Yes Indeed, 2018 Was A Fab Year

At AEI Fabrication, we judge our success not on sales increases, added margin or increased accounts . . . we judge our success on the satisfaction of our customers, for we know that if our customers are happy, all of the above mentioned items will fall into place.

AEI Fabrication Team

We must be doing something right, as 2018 was a year that saw us engage in and deliver on many customer challenges that included completing massive mobile energy compartments, dozens of styles of retail kiosks for just-in-time delivery and adding to our suite of cutting edge equipment with an AMADA ENSIS EN3015AJ Precision Fiber Laser Cutting System.

AEI Fabrications AMADA ENSIS Fiber Laser Cutting System

In 2018, we fabricated parts and assembled products for the transport, retail, energy, communications, industrial lighting, leisure sports, architecture and construction sectors and so many more.

As 2018 comes to a close, we want to thank all of our existing customers for a wonderful year of challenges, productivity and success (which is . . . YOUR Satisfaction!). We appreciate your business and, as you know, we are not satisfied with our performance until you are.  Here's wishing you a Happy New Year 2019 --- may it bring much happiness and prosperity.


Keep On Making Sparks,


The AEI Fabrication Team

October 12, 2018

A Day With City Of Mesa Mayor, John Giles

AEI Fabrication welcomed City of Mesa Mayor John Giles and his staff for a tour of the AEI Fab facility.  AEI Fab Founder, Ron Kotloff, toured Mayor Giles through different fabrication process departments -- laser cutting, bending/forming, punching/stamping, welding and machining -- and led a discussion on AEI Fab's advantages of being headquartered in Mesa, job growth and cooperative opportunities as well as AEI Fab's current fabrication projects and the various process demands of each.

The tour culminated in an interview of Kotloff by Mayor Giles, the parting segment of which is below:


Some highlights of the Mayor's tour of AEI Fab are shown below:

City of Mesa Mayor John Giles Touring AEI Fabrication With AEI Fabrication Founder / CEO Ron Kotloff

AEI Fab Founder Ron Kotloff Speaks With Mesa Mayor John Giles About The Nuances of the 3,000-Watt
AMADA ENSIS EN3015AJ Precision Fiber Laser Cutting System


AEI Fab Founder / CEO Ron Kotloff Talks With City of Mesa Mayor John Giles On Laser CuttingKotloff discusses the capabilities of AEI's 6,000-Watt AMADA LC-3015F1 NT Precision Laser Cutting System with Mayor Giles


AEI Fab Founder Ron Kotloff Discusses The Amada HG2204 250-Ton Press Brake With Mesa Mayor, John GilesKotloff and Mayor Giles Discuss AEI's Amada HG2204 250-Ton Press Brake 


Mayor Giles and AEI Fab Founder/CEO Ron Kotloff discuss punching and stamping processesThe Punching and Stamping Process Is The Topic Of Discussion At AEI Fab's Amada EM2510NT Workstation


AEI Fab Founder / CEO Ron Kotloff Shares Information on Welding Processes With Mesa Mayor John GilesRon Kotloff Shares Information on MIG, TIG and Spot Welding Processes & Complex Weldments With Mesa Mayor John Giles


Kotloff discusses machining with Mesa Mayor John Giles at the Haas Turning CenterAEI Fab's Haas & Mazak Machining and Turning Centers serve as the backdrop for
Kotloff's discussion for the Mayor on the machining and turning processes


At AEI Fab, we were honored to tour Mesa Mayor John Giles and staff through our facility and provide a lens on many of the #MadeInAmerica products, parts and projects that we fabricate and machine every day.  

Our 'can-do' leader, Ron Kotloff, perfectly conveyed our passion and undying pursuit of perfection in our processes, quality and service that make us who we are -- your 'in-house' fabrication partner who truly cares.  


Keep On Making Sparks,


The AEI Fab Team

September 16, 2018

Power? Yes, We Can Bring It.

At AEI Fab, we have made the commitment to building one of the most state-of-the-art fabrication and machining facilities in the Southwest.  We've invested in our capabilities that are truly turn-key -- from CAD design to final finishing with stamping, punching, laser cutting and bending & forming serving up all that is in between.

LASER CUTTING.  We are dedicated to bringing you the most efficient laser cutting capabilities for your next project or part.  

Our 6,000-Watt AMADA LC-3015F1 NT Precision Laser Cutting System enables us to cut metal up to 1.5-inch thickness with tremendous, error-free laser precision.  6,000-Watts means POWER.  POWER to cut your thickest, most challenging project or part.

AEI Fabrication's 6,000-Watt AMADA LC3015 F1 NT Laser Cutting System


Our 3,000-Watt AMADA Ensis EN3015AJ Fiber Laser Cutting System uses AMADA's proprietary 'fiber laser technology' to process both thin-to-thick materials without a cutting lens change or additional machine setup -- meaning your job can be completed 3X faster than with traditional CO2 lasers.  3,000-Watts means POWER.  POWER to laser your most challenging project or part.

AEI Fabrication's 3,000-Watt ENSIS AJ Fiber Laser Cutting System



BENDING & FORMING.  Our AMADA HG-2204 250-Ton 14-Foot Press Brake's 'Bend Indicator' technology ensures high-speed and high-precision while providing the ideal solution for multi-stage bending.  At a 250-Ton capacity applied force, we have the POWER to bend your thick and most challenging parts and projects.

AEI Fabrication HG2204 250-Ton Press Brake


Our suite of three AMADA full-service FBD1025NT & RG8024 press brakes, give us the capacity to bend for your high volume jobs.  There is POWER in having the capacity to execute HIGH VOLUME, and we have it.

AEI Fabrication's suite of Amada Press Brakes



MIG & TIG WELDING.  Our welding department is five welding suites strong with the capacity to execute the most complex welds and weldments for your project.  We have welded projects from retail interactive systems (artwork/sculpture really) to full 12- & 16-car trailers to large industrial power generation system enclosures to exquisite polished rails for automotive.  There is POWER in knowing what you're doing and having the ACUMEN to welcome any job of any difficulty.  

 AEI Fabrication TIG & MIG Welding Expertise as well as fabrication and machining expertise

We have the POWER to lend to your next part or project and, with that, give you the POWER to deliver a perfect, precision product every time.  There is POWER in knowing that you're receiving the best fabrication work possible to deliver to your customers and market. At AEI Fab, trust that we bring the POWER for you.

Keep On Making Sparks,


The AEI Fabrication Team

August 04, 2018

Did You Get Your Fiber Today? We Did & You Benefit.

At AEI Fabrication, we have a sincere dedication to the demand of the marketplace for quality, precision laser cutting solutions and the perfect output every time -- ultimately, your parts or project.  Due to our dedication and to show you we're listening, we have added an Amada ENSIS EN3015AJ Fiber Laser Cutting System, pictured below, to our fleet of laser cutting options (our 6,000-Watt AMADA LC-3015F1 NT Precision Laser Cutting System has been a staple in our facility for almost four years now).

Our Amada ENSIS EN3015AJ Fiber Laser Cutting System -- The latest addition to our fabrication and machining facility

You may be asking, 'Just what is a FIBER Laser Cutting System anyway?' --- well, we have the answer for you, direct from the experts who designed this magnificent piece of equipment.  The ENSIS Series uses AMADA's proprietary 'fiber laser technology' to process both thin-to-thick materials without a cutting lens change or additional machine setup. Adjustments to thickness occur automatically based on the cut condition selected on the machine's AMNC 3i control.  The 3kW fiber engine incorporates AMADA's ENSIS Technology that optimizes the laser mode and Beam Parameter Product (BPP) based on the material thickness being processed.

The ENSIS Series achieves high-speed cutting in thin material, a key capability of fiber technology, and the ability to process thick plate efficiently -- 4X faster than a CO2 laser -- and utilizing only 3 kilowatts to process up to 1-inch thick materials.  Read a comprehensive brochure on the ENSIS Series Fiber Lasers here or watch a comprehensive video on the ENSIS Series.

The Amada Ensis EN3015AJ Fiber Laser Cutting System's Dust Collector -- cool Steampunk design from our friends at Amada and Farr for optimal laser cutting and fabrication.

Another option on the EN3015AJ that keeps our facility clean and ensures peak performance for the highest quality, precision cuts and parts, is the Amada / Farr Gold Series Dust Collector.  We love the 'Steampunk' design of the unit and couldn't do without it's efficiency that helps us do what we do at high speeds and peak efficiency.

We can't wait to show you our new laser and add some 'fiber' to your next project.  Feel free to sign up for a Free Lunch Facility Tour with our CEO/Founder, Ron Kotloff or call on us any time at 480-733-6594 -- it's our goal of giving you the perfect, healthy diet of quality, precision fabrication.

Keep On Making Sparks,

The AEI Fabrication Team


July 05, 2018

Yes. We Are Hands-On All The Way.

At AEI Fabrication, most of our processes involve CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision equipment -- from laser cutting to stamping to punching to bending to forming to machining and turning.  However, all of these processes involve operators -- our AEI Fab Team of A++ multi-disciplined operators -- with a very 'Hands-On' mind-set and 'Can-Do' mandate.  Yes, we at AEI Fabrication ARE meticulously 'Hands-On' when it comes to your part, project or product.  

AEI Fabrication's Amada laser cutting system

From large alloy sheets precision laser cut  by our Amada LC-3015F1 NT Precision Laser Cutting System to forming small weldment parts on our Amada RG-8024 and FBD 1025NT Press Brakes, our expert operators are extremely 'Hands-On'.

AEI Fabrication's Amada Press Brake in Operation

One of the most 'Hands-On' disciplines in our fabrication processes is welding.  At AEI Fabrication, we specialize in MIG & TIG welding with an emphasis -- due to the great skill of our A++ welders -- on projects with high levels of complexity. 

AEI Fabrication's welding stations offer precision welding for many projects and detailed weldments

When your project comes to our Welding Department, our high standards at AEI Fab means your project is treated as 'high art'.  We know you want perfection; thus, that is where we start -- perfection.  We've taken on welding projects for retail, consumer interface, traffic systems and many other demanding sectors at high levels of difficulty that, when delivered, warrant a 'how did you do that?' response.  Beyond, many of our projects involve multiple weldments within a finished project or design, each weldment a miniature sculpture in its own right -- made of many pieces -- and finalized as a singular part through exquisite welding. 

AEI Fabrication's Design & Engineering Department Provides Detailed 'Hands-On' Acumen For Original Designs or to add to Your Design

Although the discipline requires the ultimate in a design eye and artistic brain power, another process at AEI Fab in which we are 'Hands-On' is in our Design & Engineering department.  Your original design or design alteration will not create itself; thus, the need for the precision and creativity of our CAD Team of Engineers to create a design outfitted for our fabrication processes and equipment. Our Engineers are 'Hands-On' in understanding the nuances and exact details of your part or project's design, discussing the best means of execution with our equipment operators and project managers to seamlessly deliver exactly what you've envisioned.

Yes, at AEI Fabrication, we believe that in this CNC digital age, 'Hands-On' IS important.  And, we're here to ensure you that you can put your part, project or product in our capable 'Fab' hands.  Rest assured, we'll do the rest.


Keep On Making Sparks,

The AEI Fabrication Team

June 11, 2018

Your AEI Fab Lunch Tour Is On Us.

At AEI Fabrication, we love showcasing what we do AND what we CAN do.  Our Mesa, Arizona facility is home to an efficient layout of fabricating, welding and machining stations. Sign up for a personalized facility tour with our founder & CEO, Ron Kotloff and we'll show you what we're up to.

Our fabrication area includes our AMADA LC-3015F1 NT Precision Laser Cutting System, an AMADA HG-2204 250-Ton 14-Foot Press Brake, an AMADA EM2510 NT Servo Drive Turret Punch Press, an AMADA PEGA 255 CNC Turret Punch Press, an AMADA FBD 1025NT Up-Acting Press Brake and two AMADA RG-8024 down-acting press brakes.  We can laser, punch, stamp, bend and form anything to your specfication and have clientele in most manufacturing sectors.

AEI Fabrication services include bending and forming on our Amada 250-ton press brake.

AEI Fabrication services include laser cutting on our 6,000 Watt Amada laser cutting system.

Our welding area features TIG and MIG welding operations that include two AMADA ID40 IV ST Spot Welding Stations, two Miller Spot Welding Stations and some of the best welding technicians (we call them 'artists') in the business.  Our decades of welding experience has us executing complex assemblages for interactive retail, traffic safety systems, outdoor power equipment, recreation and utilities infrastructure to name a few.

AEI Fabrication Welding Services include TIG and MIG welding with Amada and Miller welding stations and some of the best welding technicians in the fabrication business.

Our high-powered machining area includes a MAZAK INTEGREX j-200S 5-Axis CNC Multi-Tasking Machining Center, two  HAAS VF-3SSYT Super-Speed CNC Vertical Mill / Machining Centers and two HAAS VF-35Y High-Performance CNC Lathe / Turning Centers.  We can machine almost anything for you and have experience in machining in many sectors including transportation, heavy equipment, truck manufacturing, utilities infrastructure, tech, medical and several aftermarkets.

AEI Fabrication Machining Centers featuring Mazak and Haas Automation turning and machining centers

AEI Fabrication Machining Centers featuring Mazak and Haas Automation turning and machining centers

All of this doesn't include our CAD center where your project will start if from conception or if any changes are required on your existing CAD files or drawings/designs.  We will ensure that your design is perfected before we put it to the test in our fabrication processes.

 AEI Fabrication features a full CAD Design & Engineering department.

If you're local (and even if you're not), make lunch a little different this summer and sign up for an AEI Fab Facility Lunch Tour here.  We promise you that lunch is on us, you'll discover a few things AND we know that you'll have found your 'in-house' fabrication partner.

Keep On Making Sparks,


The AEI Fab Team 

May 11, 2018

What We Make Is Who We Are. Pride & Precision Go Into Every Part, Product & Project.

At AEI Fabrication, we take immense pride in the projects we undertake and the products we fabricate.  No part or product is too small.  No part or product is too large.  And, no job is too detailed or difficult.  You set the mandate we make it.  

AEI Fabrication specializes in lasercutting, welding, punching, stamping, bending, forming, machining and turning

We work on an array of projects at the same time -- from retail interfaces to large transportation signal casings to industrial lighting components to sports & leisure accessories as well as small advertising specialties.  We, for the most part, CAN DO it all.

We are a #MadeInUSA company with an expertise in laser cutting, machining, punching & stamping, bedding & forming, turning, cutting, welding and finishing, utilizing best-in-class CNC precision equipment from Amada, Mazak and Haas Automation. 

AEI Fabrication welds and fabricates retail interface kiosks

We understand you need your project, part or product perfect and ready for utilization or market.  We have worked on projects comprised of hundreds of parts, fabricated each and every one, assembled them all with and delivered the final, finished product -- usually 100s or 1,000s of them -- seamlessly.  Volume is, simply put, 'standard' in our world.

AEI Fabrication specializes in aluminum and alloy parts for many product sectors

What we make is who we are.  Who we make parts and products for is also what keeps us who we are.  We design, fabricate, assemble and service jobs for large companies -- some in the Fortune 2000 -- at a rate of precision and quality that creates ultimate satisfaction as well as lifelong customers.

AEI Fab makes hundreds of parts for the industrial lighting industry for over 300 LED lighting products

At AEI Fabrication, we truly believe that we are what we make, which is why we strive for perfection and precision in all that we do.  Call on us or join us for a complimentary facility lunch tour and see Who We Really Are.

Keep On Making Sparks,


The AEI Fabrication Team



April 16, 2018

Alloy + Welding = American Fab Sculpture. (Yes, We Can Do Anything!)

You've seen them, giant metal sculptures that emerge from city hall and corporate center lawns across the landscape.  Most of these sculptures are made from steel or aluminum, the glow of a torch, precision machinery and the artistic care of the hand --- all elements of our fab processes here at AEI Fabrication.

AEI Fabrication Amada Turret Punch for Metal Stamping and Punching

What we create here at AEI Fabrication is no exception --- #MadeInUSA All-American sculpture all the way.  Whether a part is formed on our 247-Ton Amada HG-2204 Press Brake, lasercut on our Amada LC3015 F1 NT laser cutting system, machined on our Mazak Integrex J-200S 5-Axis Multi-Tasking and Haas VF-3SSYT Machining Centers or turned on our Haas ST-35Y CNC Turning Center, we are creating perfect, precision sculpture for our customer's jobs every day.

Amada 247-Ton Press Brake for Bending Forming Fabrication Processes

We produce parts daily for industries as diverse as lighting, solar, transport, golf, retail and appliance, among others and take pride in our best-in-class assembly, finishing and customer service processes.  We thrive on complexity and regularly engage in projects and products that require the CAD design, production, fabrication and assembly of 150+ separate parts.

AEI Fabrication Amada TIG and MIG Welding stations

Completing our precision processes is welding.  Our MIG and TIG processes, completed by our AEI veteran welders that are true artisans, ensure we can orchestrate any project or product for you --- from retail interfaces to dimensional signage to full-scale, rolling work and product stations.  We can even outfit LED Lighting in your project, if required -- we're experts at it.

Let us create some 'American Sculpture' for you and make your next project or product a true 'work of art' that ensures your success.  At AEI Fab, we're ready, willing and able to execute for you . . . which begs the question:  What Can We Fab For You?

Keep On Making Sparks,

The AEI Fabrication Team

March 21, 2018

We Are The Complexity Complex

If you have what you believe to be a complex fab job, a very complex fab job or a very, very complex fab job make sure that you call us first for a thorough review of your project.  

Why you ask?  

Because at AEI Fab, we welcome your complex, mid- to high-volume job and are experts at the complexity complex.  Our A to Z in-house, on-site processes in all facets of fabrication -- from full CAD to laser cutting to bending/forming to welding to finishing -- enable us to seamlessly complete fabrication jobs that range from 91+ part housings for high-tech retail interfaces with assemblies and sub-assemblies to 160+ part custom moving machinery to high-volume (think 1000s) industrial lighting designs with a dozen-plus parts.  

Machining at AEI FabWe know how to fab your job with the utmost speed and, more importantly, we the utmost precision.  We ensure that our precision fabrication AND machining services are always operating at the highest levels of quality.  Our Amada, Haas and Mazak equipment are best-in-class and allow us to meet your deadlines on the most complex jobs.

Confront us with complexity . . . we don't mind.  In fact, we appreciate the challenge. It's who we are and it's how we roll . . . and fab.

Keep On Making Sparks,


The AEI Fabrication Team


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