2014 Starts With Precision Laser

AEI Fabrication celebrates the New Year 2014 with the addition of an Amada LC3015F1 NT Laser Cutting System. The Amada 3015 boasts unparalleled high-speed movement that increases operation speed by 300% over standard lasers, saving you money.


The LC3015 F1 NT is engineered to provide high-speed processing, ultra-precise accuracy, superior cutting quality up to 1.5-inches and full-range capabilities.  "The Amada LC3015 simply allows us to run our metal cutting operation at a much higher rate of efficiency that means very competitive pricing and sizable savings for our customers," said Ron Kotloff, President of AEI Fabrication.

Contact us at 480-733-6594 to schedule a personal familiarization tour to preview our new laser cutting system.