The AEI Fab Story - A Quick Chat With Ron Kotloff

Company President Ron Kotloff, who is our tour guide of the AEI Fabrication facilities, founded parent company AEI in 1995 when an initial lighting fixture order fueled his determination to create a custom solution for a client that would not only provide energy savings and payback but greatly affect his client’s bottom line. The forward-thinking, custom proposal was a smashing success and, from that pioneering moment, Kotloff has never looked back, making the satisfaction (and undying loyalty) of every client his ultimate goal. “We try to see every request, order and solution through our customer's eyes, starting with the need for a high-quality product at a great price, delivered on time, every time. It's simple,” Kotloff pauses, “at AEI Fabrication, we want to exceed your expectations and will work very hard to do so.”

Kotloff’s renowned design acumen, custom aesthetic and willingness to cater to specialized needs of clientele honed in the industrial lighting business have also formed the core of AEI Fabrication's corporate mission. “Our tenets of success start with a ‘can-do’ attitude that permeates every member of the company (there are 35 team members today). Our attitude energizes our clientele and is the catalyst for the growth of AEI Fabrication. We are known for working closely with our clients throughout the entire product development and production process to ensure the utmost in cost-efficiencies and customer satisfaction,” he adds.

Indeed, in walking the immaculate production floor of AEI Fabrication's facility, the company's compelling mixture of imagination, innovation, talent, creativity and the innate ability to listen, compose and deliver precisely what is desired, is everywhere. Precision laser cutting, stamping, punching, forming, welding, assembly and logistics are all happening at once in a delicate ballet of activity an orchestra conductor would certainly admire and one truly Kotloff appreciates.  "AEI Fabrication just kind of happened.  At AEI, we are such perfectionists at manufacturing our own products, we knew we cold make high-quality parts outside of our industry as well."  He continues, "The culture we have created here at AEI is that every part we produce is a potential first impression.  For example, in the lighting industry when a company is asked for a sample of their fixture by the customer, that sample is usually gone through with a fine-tooth comb, wires organized and cleaned up so it looks perfect.  Then, what is shipped is entirely different.  The attitude we have here at AEI is if we build a thousand fixtures, we never know which one they are going to pull off the stack to look at, so every one of those thousand fixtures needs to be perfect -- like it was the one sample." Kotloff emphasizes AEI's need for perfection flows over into all AEI Fabrication does.

Stay tuned for more from Ron . . .