AEI Fab, Arizona, Amada & Why Heat Matters

Arizona is home to the Sonoran desert. Yes, it gets hot during the summer. But that heat turns to roughly eight months of gorgeous weather and this month, in the cool days of December, our Mesa, Arizona facility is buzzing with many varieties of 'heat'.

HOT: As an Arizona business, Better Business Bureau member and A+ company on the 'Ethical Arizona' companies list, we strive to maintain the quality in product and attitude in customer service that makes you feel like we're your 'in-house fabrication facility'. No job is too small, no question too difficult to answer and no request insurmountable for us at AEI Fab. Our entire AEI Fab team puts the 'heat' on itself with every job to ensure the ultimate currency in our business -- YOUR complete customer satifisfaction.

HOTTER: Our TIG and MIG welding services coupled with our Stamping/Punching and Bending/Forming processes turn up the heat on every project and are unsurpassed here in Arizona. We can take your project from CAD, with our in-house Design & Engineering department, through laser cutting & total fabrication to gorgeous finishing to shipping/logistics to ensure your project is perfect and on time, every time. During Fall 2014, we've brought the heat with fabrication projects for companies in trucking, transport, solar, semiconductor, automotive and appliance sectors, to name a few.

EVEN HOTTER: A laser beam is an electro-magnetic 'light wave' and technically has no measured 'temperature'; however, our Amada LC3015F1-NT laser cutting system uses it's beams heat -- precisely digital-driven, targeted heat -- to cut most any design. We take pride in having a 2X faster processing speed at the same cut command speed than conventional lasers, which means your jobs are more affordable.

HOTTEST: The LC3015F1-NT is also the first laser machine that took into consideration the hazardous chemical substances prohibited by the RoHS Directive, to meet our planet's strict demands for eco-friendly products. We are currently using all of the eco-friendly assets of our LC3015F1-NT to produce parts for a mind-blowing project in the automotive sector. Ask us about it!

Heat matters in our business. We relish the heat of each and every project. From inception to design. Laser cutting to welding. Forming to finishing. Think of us as your 'in-house fabrication facility' and we'll put sweat on our brow in order to keep you a cool customer knowing that your job is perfect, on-time, every time.

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