Barrett-Jackson, Henry Ford & Our Automotive Adventure

The Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction is currently in high gear in Scottsdale just a few miles from our AEI Fab Lab. The exciting exposé of exotics is 24/7 on SpeedVision with all the luster and color of millions of dollars in vintage and muscle cars gracing its auction stages. 

We at AEI Fab have opened our lab doors to what will be Scottsdale's next exciting annual event wrapped around vintage automobiles. The project is in its early stages and we can't elaborate too much at this juncture but can say that we are developing all parts and chassis for vintage auto replicas that will grace the streets of Scottsdale (and perhaps a city near you) by late Fall 2015.

We're proud to be involved and will put out more news as the event, fabrication and finishing progress. For now, a few snapshots of development will start the story:

The cockpit design fully fabricated and assembled. 


The cockpit with driver -- ready for body build-out and assembly.


A fully assembled prototype ready for testing.


For more information on this particular project within the AEI Fab Lab, contact Ron Kotloff at 480-733-6594 or email him at