Think Of Us As Your 'In-House' Fabricator

We've discovered that we work so closely with our customers that our part of the relationship is more like that of an 'in-house' fabricator.

Whether your project is simple or complex, we roll out the AEI Fab red carpet with all facets of our services to ensure your satisfaction.  A few items you might experience during your job at AEI:

  • Our expert design staff has decades of CAD / CAM experience and is adept at preparing jobs for laser cutting and the fabrication process in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible;
  • We research the best alloy for your job -- from strength, aesthetic and price perspectives -- and, once approved, we'll procure it;
  • We walk you through efficiencies of the laser cutting and fabrication processes to ensure your part or product is the highest quality, most cost-effective item we can deliver;
  • We can handle all logistical elements of your job -- material inventory, warehousing, partial shipments, on-demand production runs and retail/vendor deliveries; and, finally
  • Our customer service department's daily goal is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction

Let's start the conversation about your fab job today -- you'll see that we'll work 24/7 to become your 'in-house' fabricator.

Efficiently Yours,

The AEI Fab Team