We Work For The 'U' In Trucking -- YOU

America's trucking and transport industry provides the air that keeps the lungs of U.S. commerce breathing.  Without efficient trucking, transport and trailer sectors, key issues involving logistics, inventory and deliverables fall out of balance and disrupt the valuable flow of commerce in all categories.  

At AEI Fab, we take pride in working with our friends in trucking, transport, trailers, fleet, transport leasing and truck manufacturing to deliver laser cut and fabricated parts that make a difference in their product and service.


From trailer doors to tool kits to hitches to lift arms, we can do it all, to your specification, thickness and alloy.  Our expertise includes:

  • Trucking & Transport: precision parts for chassis, bed, wheels, bumpers, hitches, trailers
  • Semi Trailers: precision parts for most facets of trailer manufacture including doors
  • Standard Trailers: all sizes of branded trailer designs including hydraulic loaders
  • Fleet: precision parts for fleet from hitches to tool kits to bumpers to trailer components
  • Manufacture: precision parts for auto, truck, waste truck manufacture in uber-strength alloys

If you're in trucking, transport, trailers, fleet, transport leasing or any area of truck/auto manufacturing, send us a note or call to get the conversation started.  We'll walk you through our facility, capabilities and service assets personally with our founder, Ron Kotloff, and close your tour with a complimentary lunch on us.

We care about the 'U' -- YOU --  in trucking.  When you choose AEI Fab, we'll act like your 'in-house' fabricator and make you feel like you're the TrucKING.  What Can We Fab For You?


With Precision,

Your AEI Fab Team