We're Your Solar, Wind & Alt Energy Job Shop

Solar and alternative energy are valuable sources for our country's ever-increasing energy demand.  At AEI, we're pleased to offer our precision laser cutting and specialized fabrication services to those that build the solar and alternative energy infrastructure our country needs.  

From solar framework to solar farm components to wind turbine and shaft parts, our skilled fabrication staff, laser cutting solutions and efficient logistics ensures your demand for quality alternative energy parts feed the demand for alternative energy. 

If you're in the solar or wind energy sectors and have existing parts on which you'd like a price quote, we'll converse, compete and show you added efficiencies that will cut your costs.  If you have a new solar or wind energy product concept, our engineering department will work with you from design to production run at maximum cost efficiencies throughout to ensure your go-to-market cost exceeds your expectations.   

There is much to do to ensure we maximize the capabilities of alternative energy in our country.  We at AEI Fab want to contribute to the alternative energy drive and become a seamless part of your supply chain.  If you're in the solar, wind or alternative energy sectors, call on us --- we'll buy lunch, tour you through our state-of-the-art facility and show you how we can be your 'in-house', turn-key fab job shop.  What Can We Fab For You?

Keep On Creating Clean Energy,

The AEI Fabrication Team