From Conception to Reality. It's What We Do.

A little over a month ago, on November 7th, the Grand Prix of Scottsdale took place on the streets of downtown Scottsdale, Arizona.  Two hundred drivers, comprising 27 racing teams, piloted their branded 'Vintage Mini Racers' for 80 laps on the one mile race course during race day.  

Although racers, brands and teams were very different -- from Gannett to iHeart Radio to Neiman Marcus to Uber to Nickelodeon to Marcellino Ristorante (winner!) -- the Grand Prix had a common element:  Each of the Vintage Mini Racers in the Grand Prix was laser-cut and fabricated by AEI Fabrication.  

Starting with conception in December 2014, we set about creating a prototype MonoCar Racer for Vintage Kart Company, LLC and Grand Prix Scottsdale, LLC based on cyclecars of the early 1900s.  The frame, body and working chassis of the MonoCar were meticulously designed, laser-cut and assembled to yield a working prototype for a February 2015 unveiling and test trial.  The MonoCar performed perfectly -- a triumph for AEI Fabrication and Vintage Kart Company.  

In March 2015, we set about creating an 'Italiano' model Racer for Vintage Kart Company that features a 'triumphal arch' grill.  The mandate from Vintage Kart Company was to create forty (40) Racers and have a variety of MonoCar and Italiano models in the Grand Prix.  By late October 2015, the mission of creating all Vintage Mini Racers for the Grand Prix was accomplished -- each beautifully painted and finished by Jack Gee and his crew from Vintage Kart Company.

The Grand Prix was a smashing success with special appearance by the Mayor of Scottsdale and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as the team drivers, who were celebrities in their own right.  What a great day!

We're looking forward to taking on Vintage Kart Company's challenges of new Racer design and creation for its 2016 Grand Prix events and can't wait to spark up the laser.


Keep On Racing Around,

The AEI Fab Team