Making Sparks In The New Year

It's a New Year.  We're grateful for the opportunities that 2015 provided and are looking forward to the collaborations and challenges presented to us in 2016.  

We look to perfect parts for the truck manufacturing, transport and commercial truck leasing sectors, including lasercutting parts from up to 1.5-inch thick, nearly indestructible alloys (think Kryptonite!) for the sanitation industry. We're proud to have achieved a high level of trust for the production of thousands of parts from Fortune 2000 clients in truck leasing and transport and will strive to exceed expectations in the New Year.

We'll challenge ourselves in working with a variety of aluminum and metal alloys in industries ranging from lighting to alternative energy to architecture, where our fabricated creations provide the perfect solution to illuminate warehouses, energize solar farms and beautify modern high-rise architecture.

And, we'll make innovative strides in the area of automotive, continuing to create parts for several manufacturers as well as perfecting the world's first production 'Vintage Mini Racer' for Vintage Kart Company, 30 of which were used in last November's inaugural Grand Prix of Scottsdale.

We love what we do here at AEI Fab.  Call on us.  Ask us any questions on your mind.  We'll sit down with you and answer them in full to provide the perfect solution for your project.  Give us the opportunity in 2016 and we'll show you what the very best in precision fabrication AND customer service looks like.

If you do, our only question for you will be:  What Can We Fab For You?


Happy New Year & Here's To A Prosperous 2016,

The AEI Fab Team