Cast Your VOTE For Us In This Election Year. Here's Why . . .

It's 2016, the primaries are in full swing and campaigning is the work of the day for nominee hopefuls.  Those hopefuls are conveying to voters HOW they can best tackle issues important to our country and WHY they are the best choice for the Presidency of the United States.

All of this election year hoopla makes us take pause.  We at AEI Fab are constantly campaigning to our constituency too (YOU, OUR CUSTOMER!).  Like any great candidate, we have many years in the game (the fabrication business), we are great with people (that'd be our excellent customer service) and we are pretty darn solid on all the issues that count for our voters:

  • DESIGN & ENGINEERING - We have one of the most qualified SolidWorks staffs in the industry and experience designing for nearly all industrial sectors, from architecture to automotive, trucking to transport, appliances to housing, rail to semiconductors and many more.
  • PRECISION LASER CUTTING - Our AMADA LC3015 F1 NT enables us to cut metal up to 1.5-inch thickness with tremendous, error-free laser precision. Even the most complex designs are simplified and executed in 3X less time by our AMADA laser cutting system, one of a handful in the United States
  • PUNCHING & STAMPING - Our Amada turret punches complete your job with high-precision and the utmost in quality. Our AEI EM2510 NT and PEGA255 are operated to achieve efficient cycle times with up to 20+ ton capacity at a variety of dimensions and material thicknesses.
  • BENDING & FORMING - We utilize a variety of AMADA Press Brakes to offer a wide range of metal bending and forming services. From forming complex fixture shapes to pressing consistent patterns, our forming capabilities can handle your project. 
  • WELDING & ASSEMBLY - Our AMADA and Miller welding work stations and trained technicians are capable of handling small, mid-sized and large production jobs at the most detailed specifications and stringent of certifications. We can perform MIG, TIG and spot welding for your project and meet all of your product assembly needs no matter what difficulty level.
  • PRODUCT FINISHING - From powder coating to anodizing to silk screening to engraving/stamping to plating, AEI Fabrication offers a wide variety of Metal Finishing Services to ensure your product is as perfect as possible. 
  • LOGISTICS & CONTROLS - We take pride in executing your order with perfection from start to finish. When your product is fabricated and finished, your order is not complete until we put your order into your hands exactly how you want it. 
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - AEI Fabrication's stringent Quality Assurance standards include management of the quality of metals used, fabrication processes, component assemblies and any services related to the production and final inspection processes to keep all elements of your project error-free.

So, this year, consider AEI Fab, give us your vote and we'll be sure to earn it.  If you've already given us your vote and are an AEI Fab customer . . . THANK YOU . . . you've bestowed trust in us that we're grateful for and will work each day to keep.

Keep On Making Sparks,

The AEI Fab Team