The Deep Science & High Art In What We Do

There is a famous Einstein quote: "Imagination is more important than knowledge."  This quote touches on the realms of science and creativity and is at the core of what we do at AEI Fabrication.  

At AEI Fab, we are not simply a fabricator with laser cutting, stamping, punching, welding and finishing capabilities.  We are a creator, a group of 'makers', a catalyst of concepts and an execution engine for a plethora of metal fabrication projects for many corporate clients -- many times taking them from a design start to a logistics finish.  We have the imagination AND the knowledge.  Our imaginative spirit is most apparent in areas where the human touch is applied to a project:  Design and Welding.

Design:  Design takes imagination.  A project may not start with a clear vision for a metal product -- how should it look, the perfect size, does it meet specifications and requisites -- minute scientific details that our design department considers when creating the roadmap for the project's ideal outcome, ensuring perfection in precision laser cutting, punching/stamping, forming and finishing executions.

AEI Fabrication's fabricated all-aluminum cowlings for Vintage Kart Company's Vintage Mini Racers

Welding: Welding takes vision.  The high art in how we weld is exemplified by what we are creating for Vintage Kart Company and its Vintage Mini Racers (the vintage-inspired cars that will race in the 2016 Grand Prix of Scottsdale).  The all-aluminum frame assembly and many parts are welded and then sanded to perfection -- each piece an artistic sculpture in its own right, at times complete with Vintage Kart Company branding. 

AEI Fabrication's superbly welded and sanded axle struts for Vintage Kart Company -- miniature sculpture!

 AEI Fabrication for Vintage Kart Company from Design to Welding to Fabrication to Finishing

Imagination and creativity drive our fabrication business. Knowledge is why we imagine, create and fabricate to perfection for our clients.  

Einstein was a curious, scientific creative who asked many questions of the universe to quench his never-ending thirst for knowledge.  One question we pose to our universe is:  What Can We Fab For You?

Challenge Us With Your Project & Keep On Creating!

Your AEI Fab Team