A Day With City Of Mesa Mayor, John Giles

AEI Fabrication welcomed City of Mesa Mayor John Giles and his staff for a tour of the AEI Fab facility.  AEI Fab Founder, Ron Kotloff, toured Mayor Giles through different fabrication process departments -- laser cutting, bending/forming, punching/stamping, welding and machining -- and led a discussion on AEI Fab's advantages of being headquartered in Mesa, job growth and cooperative opportunities as well as AEI Fab's current fabrication projects and the various process demands of each.

The tour culminated in an interview of Kotloff by Mayor Giles, the parting segment of which is below:


Some highlights of the Mayor's tour of AEI Fab are shown below:

City of Mesa Mayor John Giles Touring AEI Fabrication With AEI Fabrication Founder / CEO Ron Kotloff

AEI Fab Founder Ron Kotloff Speaks With Mesa Mayor John Giles About The Nuances of the 3,000-Watt
AMADA ENSIS EN3015AJ Precision Fiber Laser Cutting System


AEI Fab Founder / CEO Ron Kotloff Talks With City of Mesa Mayor John Giles On Laser CuttingKotloff discusses the capabilities of AEI's 6,000-Watt AMADA LC-3015F1 NT Precision Laser Cutting System with Mayor Giles


AEI Fab Founder Ron Kotloff Discusses The Amada HG2204 250-Ton Press Brake With Mesa Mayor, John GilesKotloff and Mayor Giles Discuss AEI's Amada HG2204 250-Ton Press Brake 


Mayor Giles and AEI Fab Founder/CEO Ron Kotloff discuss punching and stamping processesThe Punching and Stamping Process Is The Topic Of Discussion At AEI Fab's Amada EM2510NT Workstation


AEI Fab Founder / CEO Ron Kotloff Shares Information on Welding Processes With Mesa Mayor John GilesRon Kotloff Shares Information on MIG, TIG and Spot Welding Processes & Complex Weldments With Mesa Mayor John Giles


Kotloff discusses machining with Mesa Mayor John Giles at the Haas Turning CenterAEI Fab's Haas & Mazak Machining and Turning Centers serve as the backdrop for
Kotloff's discussion for the Mayor on the machining and turning processes


At AEI Fab, we were honored to tour Mesa Mayor John Giles and staff through our facility and provide a lens on many of the #MadeInAmerica products, parts and projects that we fabricate and machine every day.  

Our 'can-do' leader, Ron Kotloff, perfectly conveyed our passion and undying pursuit of perfection in our processes, quality and service that make us who we are -- your 'in-house' fabrication partner who truly cares.  


Keep On Making Sparks,


The AEI Fab Team