At AEI Fab, Listening = Lasting Relationships

At AEI Fabrication, we specialize in fabrication and machining; however, we'd like to think we also specialize in LISTENING.  

We listen carefully to project details from potential new customers.  We listen to current customer project specifications and design needs.  We listen to the metal market's movements for ultimate cost efficiencies.  And, we listen to post-production comments after a fabricated or machined project or product has been completed to ensure our processes are spot-on.  We're always looking to execute our fabrication and machining processes in a more efficient way for YOU.

AEI Fabrication listens to ensure your fabrication and machining needs are met

Listening carefully has led us to projects and product creation in a variety of industry sectors including solar, construction & architecture, communications, traffic signal systems and industrial lighting to name a few.

AEI Fabrication specializes in many industry sectors including solar, wind power and alt energy

We listen carefully to YOU because we believe that listening and focused execution from listening create the perfect fabrication and machining process for your job.  The perfect process makes for a great customer experience for YOU and creates a lasting relationship -- the foundation for doing business.

Keep challenging us and let us know how we're doing for YOU.  We're listening.


Keep On Making Sparks,


The AEI Fab Team