Alloy + Welding = American Fab Sculpture. (Yes, We Can Do Anything!)

You've seen them, giant metal sculptures that emerge from city hall and corporate center lawns across the landscape.  Most of these sculptures are made from steel or aluminum, the glow of a torch, precision machinery and the artistic care of the hand --- all elements of our fab processes here at AEI Fabrication.

AEI Fabrication Amada Turret Punch for Metal Stamping and Punching

What we create here at AEI Fabrication is no exception --- #MadeInUSA All-American sculpture all the way.  Whether a part is formed on our 247-Ton Amada HG-2204 Press Brake, lasercut on our Amada LC3015 F1 NT laser cutting system, machined on our Mazak Integrex J-200S 5-Axis Multi-Tasking and Haas VF-3SSYT Machining Centers or turned on our Haas ST-35Y CNC Turning Center, we are creating perfect, precision sculpture for our customer's jobs every day.

Amada 247-Ton Press Brake for Bending Forming Fabrication Processes

We produce parts daily for industries as diverse as lighting, solar, transport, golf, retail and appliance, among others and take pride in our best-in-class assembly, finishing and customer service processes.  We thrive on complexity and regularly engage in projects and products that require the CAD design, production, fabrication and assembly of 150+ separate parts.

AEI Fabrication Amada TIG and MIG Welding stations

Completing our precision processes is welding.  Our MIG and TIG processes, completed by our AEI veteran welders that are true artisans, ensure we can orchestrate any project or product for you --- from retail interfaces to dimensional signage to full-scale, rolling work and product stations.  We can even outfit LED Lighting in your project, if required -- we're experts at it.

Let us create some 'American Sculpture' for you and make your next project or product a true 'work of art' that ensures your success.  At AEI Fab, we're ready, willing and able to execute for you . . . which begs the question:  What Can We Fab For You?

Keep On Making Sparks,

The AEI Fabrication Team