From Automotive To Lighting To Solar To Trucking -- We're Almost A-to-Z Fab Specialists

At AEI Fabrication, we take pride in fabricating for many disparate industry sectors, a fact that belies our true expertise in all aspects of our business, from stamping to bending/forming to welding to laser cutting to the art of finishing to the complexities of logistics.  

AEI Fabrication produces solar framing, panel arms and all metals for solar farms and wind farms

We have created a company culture that treats our clientele like royalty -- because to us, you are.  We have a dedication to perfection and want to put that very important imprint on every job we do, including yours.  We produce hundreds of independent parts for all strata of automotive, truck, sanitation truck, trailer, off-road and event vintage replica vehicles.  We have decades in the aluminum forming and bending business and have been an industry leader in the LED Lighting fabrication business year in and year out.

AEI Fabrication produces 100s of parts for the Sanitation Truck Manufacturing sector

Keep in mind that expertise saves your time.  And, in a world where time is money, you can't afford to work with anyone that wastes your time.  All we ask is that you reach out to us on your next project to compare us with anyone in fabrication.  We'll give you our best advice on your next project and walk you through a design-to-delivery solution that will be the most cost-efficient for your part, project or product.  


AEI Fabrication produces 100s of parts for the automotive sector and off-road vehicle sectors

We love what we do AND we're confident that we're the best, most customer-oriented company in fabrication. That's why we are always asking What Can We Fab For You?

Keep On Making Sparks,

The AEI Fabrication Team