In A Game Of Inches, We're A Player. We Can Laser Cut Metal Up To 1.5 Inch Thick.

We perform a variety of operations here at AEI Fab -- CAD/Design, Product Engineering & Development, Welding, Stamping, Bending & Forming, Assembly, Finishing, QC, Logistics and much more. But, one of the most unique services we offer is laser cutting, for the simple fact that we can laser cut just about anything.

Our AMADA LC3015 F1 NT laser cutting system (shown below) enables us to cut a universe of metal alloys up to 1.5-inch thickness with tremendous, error-free laser precision. Even the most complex designs are simplified and executed in 3X less time by our Amada laser cutting system, which is one of a handful in the United States.

The AEI Laser Cutting System Can Cut Most Metal Alloys Up To 1.5 Inches Thick
The LC3015 F1 NT is engineered to provide high-speed processing, ultra-precise accuracy, superior cutting quality and full-range capabilities. Featuring a 3-axis linear drive system, no lens change technology plus ultra-fast piercing and cutting, the LC3015 F1 NT brings AEI Fabrication's productivity and output to a new level, saving you additional money on every run of your job.

The LC 3015 F1 NT also utilizes a cell system approach to automation, allowing AEI Fabrication to select the optimum configuration best suited to your project production style and requested fabrication process. This system approach is designed to increase machine utilization for both high-mix/low-volume and high-volume production runs.

The LC3015 F1 NT can also cut the most intricate of patterns using its digital interface. As an example, see the 1/32" scrollwork in the 3-inch cross pendant below -- high art!

The next time you have the need for metal laser cutting, whether hairline designs or up to 1.5-inch metal thickness, call on us here at AEI Fab.  We'll get in the game for you to ensure you win on quality, price and efficiency with your product/project delivered on time, every time.

Keep on Sparking,

The AEI Fab Team