Just Consider Us Your Fabrication Partner

Business can be exactly that at times -- busy-ness. You have enough to do with marketing your business or brand, selling its products and developing new products for your go-to-market pipeline. 

At AEI Fab, we understand the delicate dance of developing a product and provide an  entire suite of services for you to accomplish your mission -- from CAD product design to precision laser cutting to TIG & MIG Welding to expert finishing to logistics deployment -- we have the fab tools you'll need to succeed with your part, project or product.

 Thus far in Q1 2017, we have become the value, trusted fabrication 'partner' for companies in such sectors as trucking, truck manufacturing, solar, automotive, architecture, construction, transport leasing and warehousing.  Companies who hire us and look at us as their 'in-house fabrication partner' know that we eliminate much of their work in creating a product, design or part -- eliminating all of that 'busy ness' and enabling more time to concentrate on marketing strategies and bottomline profit.

We're here to make your business life easier -- it's what we do at AEI Fabrication.  Take us up on our offer to come by and get a FREE LUNCH TOUR of our facility (yes, there is such a thing as a FREE LUNCH!) in order to see what we can do for you.  As long as you keep creating, we'll keep bringing your creations to life.  That's what 'partners' do.

Keep On Making Sparks,

The AEI Fab Team