Our MAZAK Integrex j200s 5-Axis Multi-Tasking CNC Machining Center Is In Operation

Because we ended 2017 on such a machining high note, we wanted to open the New Year of 2018 with a machining unveiling celebration of sorts:  

Our MAZAK Integrex j200s 5-Axix CNC Multi-Tasking Machining Center has officially been installed on our floor and is currently in stunning multi-function operation on truck and automotive parts.

Our MAZAK Integrex j200s 5-Axis CNC Multi-Tasking Machining Center

Our MAZAK Integrex j200s is perfect for your part or job as both turning spindles have 5,000-rpm spindle speeds and C-axis turning control. Other features of the MAZAK include:

  • Main turning spindle has a 2.99" bore, second spindle has a 2.4" bore
  • Integral spindle/motor headstocks provide heavy-duty and high-speed cutting 12,000-rpm milling spindle performs 4-axis simultaneous machining and 5-axis tool tip positioning
  • Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System provides unmatched rigidity, speed and accuracy
  • MAZATROL SmoothG CNC provides fast processing speeds

We want to help you get your 2018 machining projects off to a great start.  Call on us today on your job and we'll inform you of how we'll execute it for you.  We'll start by explaining how we take pride in producing the perfect parts for you with our best-in-class, precision machining equipment -- from our Mazak Integrex j200s to our Haas VF-3SSYT Vertical CNC Machining Center to our Haas ST-35Y CNC Turning Center -- AND, our best-in-class precision fabrication equipment -- from our Amada LC3015F1 NT Laser Cutting System to our Amada HG 2204 250-Ton Press Brake to our Amada EM2510 NT Turret Punch Press.

With AEI Fabrication, you truly have the best of both worlds -- machining and fabrication -- under one roof.  Of course, we want you to think of us as your one-stop Made-In-The-USA fabrication and machining partner!  As always, we'll continue to inquire:

What Can We Fab or Machine For You?

Keep On Making Sparks,


The AEI Fabrication Team