Our Press Brakes Are Heavyweight Champions . . . Here's The Heaviest.

Over the years, boxing has had more than its share of trademark phrases.  'Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee' comes to mind from the great boxing heavyweight, Muhammad Ali.

We think it's only fair when describing our champion heavyweight to let you know that it weighs in at  500,000 pounds, some 499,780 more than the invincible Ali.  And, our heavyweight has multiple 'legs', which would normally disqualify it from any competition if you weren't talking about metal fabrication.  So let's find out what our heavyweight is made of . . . 

Amada HG 2204 Press Brake for Metal bending, forming and fabrication

Our main heavyweight is our 14-foot, 250-ton Amada HG2204 Hydraulic Press Brake that handles a full range of material thicknesses in bend lengths from 55 to 169.3 inches. Equipped with a newly-developed AMNC 3i (intelligent, interactive, integrated) control, our HG-2204 provides high-speed and high-accuracy operations on every job.

AEI Fabrication Amada HG-2204 Press Brake for bending, forming and fabrication

A 19" multi-touch LCD panel ensures efficient operation with enhanced database network features that provide better communication between our design/engineering staff, the CAM program and the AMNC 3i — resulting in less manual interaction and faster processing for your part or project.

Additional features of the our HG-2204 14-foot, 250-Ton Heavyweight include:

  • Bend Indicator technology ensures high-speed and high-precision.
  • AMTS tooling provides the ideal solution for multi-stage bending.
  • Independent L-Axis (L-Shift) provides the capability to bend a wide variety of part shapes.

AEI Fabrication Press Brakes

And that's the tale of the tape from our heavyweight weigh-in.  If you want to get in the fabrication ring and go a few rounds with our heavyweight champion HG-2204, ring the bell -- we're at your service!  

At AEI Fabrication, it's in our blood to ask, 'What Can We Fab For You?'

Keep On Making Sparks,


The AEI Fabrication Team