We're Ready For The New Year

We at AEI Fabrication are excited to welcome the New Year 2019.  We have many new additions, new equipment and an even greater dedication from our brilliant AEI Fab Team members in our Laser, Welding, Machining and other departments -- all designed to provide you with even greater service.

AEI Fabrications AMADA ENSIS Fiber Laser Cutting System

LASER OPERATIONS:  Gary Radestock heads up our Laser Operations and is in charge of laser cutting and CNC interface for our Amada laser equipment.  With decades of experience, we can handle all of your laser cutting needs with our precision Amada systems:

  • 6,000 WATT AMADA LC-3015F1 NT Co2 Precision Laser Cutting System
  • 3,000 WATT AMADA ENSIS 3015 Fiber Laser Cutting System


AEI Fabrications 250-Ton Amada Press Brake

PUNCHING, STAMPING, BENDING & FORMING:  Kris Robb is our AEI Fab Shop Supervisor and oversees the processes and work flow on the shop floor that includes Laser Operations and our Punching & Stamping and Bending & Forming equipment.

Bending & Forming:

  • AMADA 250-TON 14’ HG 2204 Press Brake
  • AMADA FBD 1025 NT Press Brake
  • TWO (2) AMADA RG 8024 Press Brakes

Punching & Stamping:

  • AMADA EM 2510 NT 45 Station 4 Auto Index
  • AMADA PEGA-255 31 Station 3 Auto Index


AEI Fabrication has a large MIG & TIG Welding Department

WELDING:  Travis Wirth is our Weld Shop Supervisor and oversees all MIG, TIG and Spot welding operations.  Our Welding Department has grown over the past year with increased capabilities for all types of projects including casings, retail kiosks, massive on-site energy cube casings and generator noise-reduction casings.  Our Welding Department makes use of the following equipment for all operations:

  • AMADA ID40 IV 257 KVA Spot Welding Station
  • MILLER Millermatic 250X MIG Welder
  • MILLER Dynasty 210 TIG Welder
  • MILLER Millermatic 140 MIG Welder
  • LINCOLN 140 EasyMIG MIG Welder
  • LINCOLN Square Wave 255 TIG Welder
  • LINCOLN Square Wave 275 TIG Welder
  • THREE (3) LINCOLN 140c Power MIG Welders
  • TRUE WELD TW-I 250 Stud Welder
  • TRUE WELD TWE-375 Stud Welder


AEI Fabrication's Machining Department Hosts Mazak and Haas Automation Equipment

MACHINING & TURNING:  Jeremy Hinckley heads up our Machining Operations and brings decades of experience to the complex CNC driven machining and turning processes for us.  At AEI Fab, we have executed a plethora of machining and turning projects to perfection in all sectors and with varying tolerances.  Our Machining & Turning Center includes:

  • MAZAK J-200S 5-Axis CNC Multi-Tasking Center
  • HAAS VF-3SSYT Vertical CNC Machining Center
  • HAAS ST-35Y CNC Turning Center


AEI Fabrication's Design & Engineering Department Handles All CAD-CAM Needs

DESIGN & ENGINEERING:  Many projects start with perfected CAD and Engineering work.  Gabe Cruz and our staff in our Design & Engineering Department can take your project or drawings and perfect them for ultimate efficiencies and cost-saving for our CNC processes.  We've tackled thousands of projects with varying degrees of difficulty and use our 'CAN-DO' spirit to ensure your project can be completed to perfection.


Yes, we are looking forward to what 2019 will bring and, more importantly, are excited about the new challenges that new projects will bring.  We are always learning and always educating here at AEI Fab, all to ensure that customer satisfaction is Job #1.  That's why we always ask, "What Can We Fab or Machine For You?"


Keep On Making Sparks,


The AEI Fab Team