The Fabtastic Year Ahead

The Year 2017 has dawned.  Resolutions and goals are on the minds of everyone and saving money has never been more at the forefront for corporate America.

At AEI Fab, we made great strides in and learned a lot from 2016. Here are some highlights:

  • We continued our fabrication for customers in the automotive, trucking and transport industries;
  • We continued incredible laser and fab work of nearly indestructible alloys for lifting mechanisms used in sanitation truck manufacturing;
  • We fabricated a plethora of architectural designs for commercial construction;
  • For a second year in a row, we fabricated Vintage Mini Racers for the Grand Prix of Scottsdale that are getting attention from Pebble Beach to Detroit;
  • We created parts for a variety of alternative energy projects; and,
  • We even had our two 2016 candidates for President of the United States take a spin in their AEI Fab Vintage Mini Racers(!).

Yes, it's a new year. Fab days lie ahead & we can't wait to see what 2017 brings.  We're grateful for your business and want you to know your satisfaction is our main priority.  No matter the year, at AEI Fab we always strive for perfection and will continue to inquire -- What Can We Fab For You?

Keep on making sparks,

The AEI Fab Team