We Are The Complexity Complex

If you have what you believe to be a complex fab job, a very complex fab job or a very, very complex fab job make sure that you call us first for a thorough review of your project.  

Why you ask?  

Because at AEI Fab, we welcome your complex, mid- to high-volume job and are experts at the complexity complex.  Our A to Z in-house, on-site processes in all facets of fabrication -- from full CAD to laser cutting to bending/forming to welding to finishing -- enable us to seamlessly complete fabrication jobs that range from 91+ part housings for high-tech retail interfaces with assemblies and sub-assemblies to 160+ part custom moving machinery to high-volume (think 1000s) industrial lighting designs with a dozen-plus parts.  

Machining at AEI FabWe know how to fab your job with the utmost speed and, more importantly, we the utmost precision.  We ensure that our precision fabrication AND machining services are always operating at the highest levels of quality.  Our Amada, Haas and Mazak equipment are best-in-class and allow us to meet your deadlines on the most complex jobs.

Confront us with complexity . . . we don't mind.  In fact, we appreciate the challenge. It's who we are and it's how we roll . . . and fab.

Keep On Making Sparks,


The AEI Fabrication Team