What We Make Is Who We Are. Pride & Precision Go Into Every Part, Product & Project.

At AEI Fabrication, we take immense pride in the projects we undertake and the products we fabricate.  No part or product is too small.  No part or product is too large.  And, no job is too detailed or difficult.  You set the mandate we make it.  

AEI Fabrication specializes in lasercutting, welding, punching, stamping, bending, forming, machining and turning

We work on an array of projects at the same time -- from retail interfaces to large transportation signal casings to industrial lighting components to sports & leisure accessories as well as small advertising specialties.  We, for the most part, CAN DO it all.

We are a #MadeInUSA company with an expertise in laser cutting, machining, punching & stamping, bedding & forming, turning, cutting, welding and finishing, utilizing best-in-class CNC precision equipment from Amada, Mazak and Haas Automation. 

AEI Fabrication welds and fabricates retail interface kiosks

We understand you need your project, part or product perfect and ready for utilization or market.  We have worked on projects comprised of hundreds of parts, fabricated each and every one, assembled them all with and delivered the final, finished product -- usually 100s or 1,000s of them -- seamlessly.  Volume is, simply put, 'standard' in our world.

AEI Fabrication specializes in aluminum and alloy parts for many product sectors

What we make is who we are.  Who we make parts and products for is also what keeps us who we are.  We design, fabricate, assemble and service jobs for large companies -- some in the Fortune 2000 -- at a rate of precision and quality that creates ultimate satisfaction as well as lifelong customers.

AEI Fab makes hundreds of parts for the industrial lighting industry for over 300 LED lighting products

At AEI Fabrication, we truly believe that we are what we make, which is why we strive for perfection and precision in all that we do.  Call on us or join us for a complimentary facility lunch tour and see Who We Really Are.

Keep On Making Sparks,


The AEI Fabrication Team