Yes. We Are Hands-On All The Way.

At AEI Fabrication, most of our processes involve CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision equipment -- from laser cutting to stamping to punching to bending to forming to machining and turning.  However, all of these processes involve operators -- our AEI Fab Team of A++ multi-disciplined operators -- with a very 'Hands-On' mind-set and 'Can-Do' mandate.  Yes, we at AEI Fabrication ARE meticulously 'Hands-On' when it comes to your part, project or product.  

AEI Fabrication's Amada laser cutting system

From large alloy sheets precision laser cut  by our Amada LC-3015F1 NT Precision Laser Cutting System to forming small weldment parts on our Amada RG-8024 and FBD 1025NT Press Brakes, our expert operators are extremely 'Hands-On'.

AEI Fabrication's Amada Press Brake in Operation

One of the most 'Hands-On' disciplines in our fabrication processes is welding.  At AEI Fabrication, we specialize in MIG & TIG welding with an emphasis -- due to the great skill of our A++ welders -- on projects with high levels of complexity. 

AEI Fabrication's welding stations offer precision welding for many projects and detailed weldments

When your project comes to our Welding Department, our high standards at AEI Fab means your project is treated as 'high art'.  We know you want perfection; thus, that is where we start -- perfection.  We've taken on welding projects for retail, consumer interface, traffic systems and many other demanding sectors at high levels of difficulty that, when delivered, warrant a 'how did you do that?' response.  Beyond, many of our projects involve multiple weldments within a finished project or design, each weldment a miniature sculpture in its own right -- made of many pieces -- and finalized as a singular part through exquisite welding. 

AEI Fabrication's Design & Engineering Department Provides Detailed 'Hands-On' Acumen For Original Designs or to add to Your Design

Although the discipline requires the ultimate in a design eye and artistic brain power, another process at AEI Fab in which we are 'Hands-On' is in our Design & Engineering department.  Your original design or design alteration will not create itself; thus, the need for the precision and creativity of our CAD Team of Engineers to create a design outfitted for our fabrication processes and equipment. Our Engineers are 'Hands-On' in understanding the nuances and exact details of your part or project's design, discussing the best means of execution with our equipment operators and project managers to seamlessly deliver exactly what you've envisioned.

Yes, at AEI Fabrication, we believe that in this CNC digital age, 'Hands-On' IS important.  And, we're here to ensure you that you can put your part, project or product in our capable 'Fab' hands.  Rest assured, we'll do the rest.


Keep On Making Sparks,

The AEI Fabrication Team