About Us

AEI Fabrication - Full Service Fabrication & Machining, Lasercutting, Punching, Stamping, Welding, Assembly, Vertical Turning Center, Machining Center


WHAT WE DO.  At AEI Fabrication, we specialize in cost-saving high-speed, precision laser cutting combined with efficient, full-service metal fabrication capabilities to create a cost-effective, turn-key solution for clientele in a wide range of industry categories.

OUR 20-YEAR STORY.  Founded by Ron Kotloff in 1995, AEI has been fabricating aluminum, steel and stainless industrial fixtures for almost twenty years. In that period of time, we count many of the Fortune 2000 among our clientele in industries including solar, lighting, warehousing, building & construction, energy, shipping, semiconductor, alt energy, big-box retail, telecommunication, entertainment, food service and education. 

A 'CAN-DO' PHILOSOPHY.  Our tenets of success start with a ‘can-do’ attitude fostered by Ron Kotloff’s leadership that opens minds to possibilities and drives solution creation. This attitude is the catalyst for the growth of AEI and departments such as our Design & Engineering Department that uses the latest in CAD/CAM, modeling and process software to design, develop and prototype any product in the most cost-efficient manner. AEI is known industry-wide for working closely with clientele throughout the entire product development and production process to ensure the utmost in cost-efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

YOUR FRIEND IN THE FAB BUSINESS.  The cornerstone of our business at AEI Fabrication is our superlative quality assurance and customer service.  We put each and every product through our mandated AEI Quality Check System at every step of the fabrication process before a product is ready to be labeled 'finished'.  Additionally, we walk shoulder-to-shoulder with you during every step of your order's process.  Should you have any changes or questions during the fabrication process, our Customer Service will see to it that all requests are met with 100% satisfaction every time.  we're your good friend in the fabrication business.

TO US, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  AEI Fabrication’s efficient staff and state-of-the-art 30,000 SF facility in Mesa, Arizona enables us to engage in a wide variety of metal cutting and fabrication projects from sampling & prototyping to full-scale, six-figure-plus production runs.  We have made the investment and have earned the know-how to cut and work with all grades of metal up to 1.5-inch thickness.  To us at AEI Fabrication, no job is too complex and no customer request too insurmountable.

We're cost-effective.  We're on-time.  We're AEI Fabrication . . . and we're precisely what you need.