Logistics & Controls

AEI LOGISTICS: GETTING YOUR ORDER TO YOU ON TIME EVERYTIME.  AEI Fabrication prides itself in executing your order with perfection from start to finish.  When your product is made, your order is not complete until we put your products into your hands however you want them.  Do you need them all at once?  Are they shipped to various destinations worldwide?  Are there additional components to be included?  No matter the complexity, AEI Fabrication can handle all of your logistics and freight issues for you.

AEI CONTROLS: WORRY-FREE PRODUCT & INVENTORY MANAGEMENT.  Need a pallet of precision lasered 3/4-inch thick designs in Tucson by 4AM Friday? How about a container of formed aluminum fixtures to Tuscaloosa every other week for 52 weeks?  How about 500 steel connectors to forty different locations for your trucking fleet?  If you need someone to handle the back-end 'business of your business', AEI Fabrication can handle all inventory control and time-sensitive order/freight issues for you.  Our in-house, secure TASK network allows us to electronically accept POs, execute orders and have them delivered without you having to say a word.  We'll keep track of everything to keep you on-track -- every time, all the time.