Bending & Forming

AEI Fabrication utilizes a variety of AMADA Press Brakes to offer a wide range of metal bending and forming services. From forming complex fixture shapes to pressing consistent patterns, AEI Fabrication's forming capabilities can handle your project. With eco-friendly systems predicated on low energy consumption, AEI Fabrication's forming systems provide unparalleled precision and performance in both processing and backgauge speed to ensure you save on your project. 

 AEI's Full-Service AMADA HG 2204 250-Ton Press Brake

AEI Fabrications Amada HG 2204 250-Ton Press Brake

Features of AEI's HG-2204 250-Ton Press Brake include: 1) Bend Indicator technology ensures high-speed and high-precision; 2) AMTS tooling provides the ideal solution for multi-stage bending; 3) Independent L-Axis (L-Shift) provides the capability to bend a wide variety of part shapes, and 4) Enhanced database network features provide better communication between the CAM program and the AMNC 3i — resulting in less manual interaction and faster processing, as well as these specifications:

  • 247-ton capacity
  • 169.3" maximum bend length
  • 148" distance between frames
  • 20.5" open height (no holders)
  • 9.8" stroke length
  • .79"/sec. bending speed
  • 17.7" throat depth
  • 8.7 inches per second approach speed
  • AMNC-3i control



     AEI's Full-Service AMADA FBD1025NT & RG8024 Press Brakes

    AEI Fabrication Offers Bending & Forming for Metal, Sheet Metal, Aluminum and Metal Alloys with AMADA Press Brakes

    Features of AEI's Up-Acting Press Brakes include: 1) next generation of machines using precision hydraulics; 2) unparalleled performance enhanced by simplified setup; 3) expanded processing area for variety of bends, increased processing speed up to 30% faster and 4) increased backgauge speed up to 300% faster, as well as these specifications:

    • 88-ton capacity
    • 98.62" maximum bend length
    • 80.71" distance between side plate
    • 14.57" open height
    • 3.97" stroke length
    • .43"/sec. bending speed
    • AMNC-IS control

    Features of AEI's Down-Acting Press Brakes include: 1) high-speed, high-precision bending sensor that eliminates test bends; 2) increased distance between tooling and greater stroke length provides for a larger processing area; 3) expanded processing area that enables deep box bending and 4) increased distance between punch & die allows for safe, easy processing of heavy materials, as well as these specifications:

    • 88-ton capacity
    • 101" maximum bend length
    • 18.5" open height (without clamps)
    • 7.87" stroke
    • ±.00004" ram repeatability