C Is for CNC Machining & Turning Services

September 30, 2017

At AEI Fabrication, we like to think of ourselves as YOUR 'in-house' fabricator.  We want YOU to use our multitude of turn-key services for YOUR next project, start to finish.   Now, you can add CNC ultra-precision Machining and Turning to the list of services we provide.  Our expert staff has decades of experience in producing complex components requiring micro tolerances, maximum precision and extraordinary accuracy for a variety of industry sectors. MACHINING.  Our high-performance Super-Speed HAAS VF-3SSYT Vertical Machining Center provides the high spindle speeds and ultimate precision necessary for your part or project, whether high-volume production or short-run.  No matter your industry sector -- Energy, Food Manufacturing, Medical Systems & Devices, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Trucking or Automotive -- our Machining expertise will complete your job to fit your... Continue Reading →

Our Press Brakes Are Heavyweight Champions . . . Here's The Heaviest.

July 12, 2017

Over the years, boxing has had more than its share of trademark phrases.  'Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee' comes to mind from the great boxing heavyweight, Muhammad Ali. We think it's only fair when describing our champion heavyweight to let you know that it weighs in at  500,000 pounds, some 499,780 more than the invincible Ali.  And, our heavyweight has multiple 'legs', which would normally disqualify it from any competition if you weren't talking about metal fabrication.  So let's find out what our heavyweight is made of . . .  Our main heavyweight is our 14-foot, 250-ton Amada HG2204 Hydraulic Press Brake that handles a full range of material thicknesses in bend lengths from 55 to 169.3 inches. Equipped with a newly-developed... Continue Reading →

In A Game Of Inches, We're A Player. We Can Laser Cut Metal Up To 1.5 Inch Thick.

June 13, 2017

We perform a variety of operations here at AEI Fab -- CAD/Design, Product Engineering & Development, Welding, Stamping, Bending & Forming, Assembly, Finishing, QC, Logistics and much more. But, one of the most unique services we offer is laser cutting, for the simple fact that we can laser cut just about anything. Our AMADA LC3015 F1 NT laser cutting system (shown below) enables us to cut a universe of metal alloys up to 1.5-inch thickness with tremendous, error-free laser precision. Even the most complex designs are simplified and executed in 3X less time by our Amada laser cutting system, which is one of a handful in the United States. The LC3015 F1 NT is engineered to provide high-speed processing, ultra-precise accuracy, superior... Continue Reading →

From Automotive To Lighting To Solar To Trucking -- We're Almost A-to-Z Fab Specialists

May 02, 2017

At AEI Fabrication, we take pride in fabricating for many disparate industry sectors, a fact that belies our true expertise in all aspects of our business, from stamping to bending/forming to welding to laser cutting to the art of finishing to the complexities of logistics.   We have created a company culture that treats our clientele like royalty -- because to us, you are.  We have a dedication to perfection and want to put that very important imprint on every job we do, including yours.  We produce hundreds of independent parts for all strata of automotive, truck, sanitation truck, trailer, off-road and event vintage replica vehicles.  We have decades in the aluminum forming and bending business and have been an... Continue Reading →

Just Consider Us Your Fabrication Partner

February 27, 2017

Business can be exactly that at times -- busy-ness. You have enough to do with marketing your business or brand, selling its products and developing new products for your go-to-market pipeline.  At AEI Fab, we understand the delicate dance of developing a product and provide an  entire suite of services for you to accomplish your mission -- from CAD product design to precision laser cutting to TIG & MIG Welding to expert finishing to logistics deployment -- we have the fab tools you'll need to succeed with your part, project or product.  Thus far in Q1 2017, we have become the value, trusted fabrication 'partner' for companies in such sectors as trucking, truck manufacturing, solar, automotive, architecture, construction, transport leasing and warehousing.  Companies who hire... Continue Reading →

The Fabtastic Year Ahead

January 12, 2017

The Year 2017 has dawned.  Resolutions and goals are on the minds of everyone and saving money has never been more at the forefront for corporate America. At AEI Fab, we made great strides in and learned a lot from 2016. Here are some highlights: We continued our fabrication for customers in the automotive, trucking and transport industries; We continued incredible laser and fab work of nearly indestructible alloys for lifting mechanisms used in sanitation truck manufacturing; We fabricated a plethora of architectural designs for commercial construction; For a second year in a row, we fabricated Vintage Mini Racers for the Grand Prix of Scottsdale that are getting attention from Pebble Beach to Detroit; We created parts for a variety of alternative energy projects; and,... Continue Reading →

USA-Made Quality & Precision Is Who We Are

August 30, 2016

When it comes to sheet metal fabrication, you may not think of the words 'detail', 'art' or 'emboss'.  At AEI, our precision machining and laser cutting processes, led by our state-of-the-art Amada equipment, enables us to execute even the most precise details in many different alloys for you. From custom branding to serial number information to intricate scroll work to dynamic fonts, we can make your design a reality on aluminum, stainless steel and other alloys.  And, our finishing process adds any color in the universe to your design or product, whether painted or anodized.  To bring the highest in laser cut quality to you, we rely on our Amada laser cutting system that mirrors perfection on all parts, usually without the need... Continue Reading →